I've had the pleasure of working with some great folks in the Lehigh Valley during my career. And some of them seem to think I'm pretty neat too. Here's what they had to say about working with me:

"Discover Lehigh Valley works with Blabbermouth Communications to assist in producing our ‘Lehigh Valley Visions’ video series which feature tours of local tourist attractions. These videos have many facets that flow effortlessly on Tracey’s end as well as ours.

Tracey is tasked with coordinating a pre-shoot tour of each facility with their personnel and the video production company. We trust her to make direct contact with our members in coordinating these efforts. In addition to coordinating the shoot logistics, she also develops the scripts for each video and acts as the on-screen host.

We feel her wittiness, spunk and professionalism shines through and is a great representation of our organization. Tracey’s many talents and superb communication and organization skills led us to choose her and are key factors in why we continue to work with her. Her past performance has proven that she is thoroughly capable of this project and much more."

Kim Lilly, Executive Vice President, Discover Lehigh Valley  

NewVision Communications“Tracey possesses tremendous enthusiasm for her work and puts that energy to good use. She is resourceful and attentive to her craft which bodes well for her clients. She is someone who thoroughly understands the business side of storytelling. As a vendor, the trait I admire most is her determination to do things right. Tracey has a vision but is open to new ideas; she is demanding yet fair; and, most importantly, she makes work fun! It is a genuine pleasure to work with her.”

Chris Allen, The Anderson Group (formerly NEWVISION Communications)

Allentown Art Museum“Tracey Werner of Blabbermouth Communications was tasked with planning and executing our largest event of the year.  Not only did she have to jump in midstream and come up to speed quickly, she also had to come up with some new ideas to showcase our 15th Anniversary, which can be challenging when you lack the historical knowledge that a staff person might have.  She did all of the tasks required with extreme detail and precision.

Blabbermouth helped make our event a rousing success; we received very positive feedback from the attendees, many who said it was our best event that they had ever attended.  I know that Tracey’s organization skills and past experience had a lot to do with those comments."

Margaret McConnell, Former Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation
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